Website glitching on mobile web

Hello! My website seems to work perfectly fine on desktop but is flickering like crazy up and down on mobile web. I thought this has to do with the conditionals </= mobile web breakpoint, but I checked the one page that wasn’t flickering and it had the same conditional (but less images). My website is

Is password protected, what’s password?

user Hi
pass Hello

Just took a look on my phone:
flickering issue can be replicated but only on index page and only up the top, so you must have something weird set up there causing this, any custom elements or workflows / rules moving sizing elements?
Menu on about page isn’t working
Resume formatting is off, menu is different… default menu?

390-430px wide specifically

Fixed some of the aboved mention issues (thank you)
Still having glitching on my Iphone 11pro/max on all but “about” page

Took off password protection

Do you have any conditional rules based on screen width?