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Hello guys,

I’m founder of, we help highly educated students land related student or starters job at Startups or SME’s. We are a recruitment and selection firm now looking on a scalingplan. Our business model is that we don’t ask payments for vacancies on the website or something but we also handle the administration and payroll where we take a mark-up (in case of a student contract), we take a fixed placement fee when someone lands a startersjob.

After doing a thorough research our best way of scaling will be via a website/platform like or (content is in Dutch so most of you won’t be able to really understand it). I’m going to try to give a basic explenation of what we need since it’s not a standard job or vacancy platform where employers just can upload there resume’s and applicants apply directly with the company since it’s utterly important that we’re in control what candidates we suggest to the companies (Cooder and Bonque are already doing that). That’s why we would like to have a clone of their website/platform.

Bonque and Cooder are for IT vacancies, we would like to do this for Sales, IT and Engineering but for students - with the same operational approach though.

Let me explain a bit how it’s different from other vacancy websites: e.g.

From an employer point of view they ask the employers to sent their vacancy to their inhouse business developer (of Cooder of Bonque). You can see an example on how they do it here:
The employer just have to give in contact details.

The Business developer will look at the vacancy (inhouse - like me) and will post it himself on the website/platform. That way, when applicants apply they’ll apply directly with the business developer of Cooder and not the company of the vacancy directly. Means Cooder is still in control of what applicants they’ll suggest to the company that owns the vacancy.

From a candidate point of view: candidates can see the vacancies and when they apply they can do it with the inhouse business developer of Cooder itself, he/she handles then all the candidates in the admin panel (I think, can’t know for sure since I’m not an Admin of their website :wink: ) .
When applicants apply they have to fill out some basic questions and their resume, I think that comes into an admin panel of Cooder per business developer. That way he can see which candidates applied on a certain position and he/she’s able to shortlist the best candidate.

There are other functionalities as well, but this is the basic and fundamental outline.


  1. Is this possible to clone? If yes, what would the average project hours + cost be?
  2. Is it advantageous to use a template from Bubble? E.g. the template - they also offer a showcase of the profiles that apply via the platform what also would be come and handy for us in a later stage.

Looking forward to discuss this project :slight_smile:

We are a Startup so we’re on a budget, either way we are going to take the project forward one way or another.


Hello Ruben,

I would be happy to help. Please mail me at: and add me on skype: to discuss more.

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This seems to be the type of app Bubble excels at creating and I don’t anticipate that’d you run into any major roadblocks going the Bubble route. It’ll also be much cheaper to create and give you a lot more control over your app – when you want to make fixes, you’ll be able to make them.

I generally recommend starting with a template when one exists for your type of business simply because they give you a lot of working code for very little investment and it’s often easier to adapt a template than start from a blank page and build everything.

If you’re looking for an informed estimate, you’d really need to spell out exactly what features / functions you’re looking to build. I image a bulleted list of the 20-50 features / capabilities you want would help people give you a much more accurate quote (otherwise, the numbers they provide are mostly worthless). Be sure to include admin capabilities you want as well since this will help people understand how it works.

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@sridharan.s is absolutely right. A proper specification doc will save you thousands in time and treasure. If you need help with developing a spec like this, let me know.

To write up your spec and get an indication of how much it might cost to get your app developed, you might want to try the Clementine app that was posted here on the forum recently. Search the forum for Clementine if this is of interest.

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Hi Ruben,

That seems like an interesting startup idea. I could help you with this and have dropped you a PM.

Look forward to hearing from you.