Website working on desktop but not mobile phone

I am having a weird issue for my website
I made the website responsive and it’s working fine, if you use different screen widths on the desktop.
But if I use the website on my smartphone (width 320), it’s not working properly. You can’t click everything and you’re not always redirected to the proper page (e.g. you click on a repating group and nothing is happening, if you click a different element you might be directed to the page ).
I tested it also by using the chrome inspector and put the screen width to 320. Here it’s working totally fine, even though it’s the same width as on my smartphone.

I would appreciate your help! :slight_smile:


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It looks fine for me on mobile

@johnny thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:
I checked it once again and I found the issue. If the repeating group is not fully visible you can’t click it and be directed to the next page. But if it’s fully visible it’s working.
So this one is working:

But this is not working:

Sometimes mobile versions are enforced by css based on your screen width and height (generally width). So you download the same html, but it looks like a mobile site on smaller screens. Sometimes however mobile versions are on separate subdomains and you are redirected there when server detects your user agent (sent by your browser of choice).

okay thanks for your replies!

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