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Weekly reminder email to a list of users

Hello. Part of the services my users are signing up for is to receive a weekly summary/reminder email on the last day of their week that will include a link to a “report” screen. I am finding is very oddly difficult to figure out how to send a weekly email to groups of people on the day of their choosing.

I tried creating a recurring workflow (I also set up an API endpoint I was triggering with Zapier), but I need the emails to be customized, at least with a name, and I don’t think that’s possible this way. I can’t find any internal way of doing a “for each” action, or anything recursive. Also, I’d prefer to be able to send HTML emails, not just rich text.

I tried to set up MailChimp, but it doesn’t seem to do weekly recurring mails, it wants a trigger (like being added to the list) in order to queue an email.

In an ideal world, I would be able to send more robust data in each email, making it a sort of dashboard summary. At this point, this seems kind of impossible.

Any ideas?

Hi @ixisnine,

You’re probably looking for the “Schedule API Workflow on a List” action which allows you to set up an API Workflow and then you’d send a list of Things for that workflow to run on, in your case, a list of Users. You’d set up a parameter in the endpoint for User and maybe any other relevant parameters. That way your email action can go to “User’s email” and open with “Hello User’s First Name” . - The workflow would run on each User in the list.

As for HTML emails, look at Sendgrid’s API. They let you send HTML content via API … and I’m pretty sure Mailchimp lets you trigger the sending of a campaign with a direct POST call (

Hopefully this helps move you forward.

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Thanks for the feedback! That has been helpful. I think I have it working out better now. Still some fidgeting to get it right, but this has been very helpful! Thanks.


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