Weird behavior on mobile all of sudden repeating groups are getting cutoff?

The app I’m working on suddenly stopped functioning properly on mobile. Repeating groups just gets cut-off instead of extending vertically. I haven’t changed anything on the app which makes this super weird. Anybody else seeing weird behavior on mobile with all repeating groups not all displaying but rather being cut off after showing the first few? The repeating groups are showing normally on tablets and desktops…

Changed it to full list from ext.vertical scroll and it’s working now…I guess ext. vertical scrolling was the culprit

I’m running into the same issue with extended vertical scrolling. It was working last week on mobile, and now it’s not.

I’m seeing another recent post on this as well. Seems like a bubble bug.

Can someone from bubble confirm that this is not a bug?

I’m getting the same issue on my app!

Just fixed it by doing the opposite from you @brookelustig :sweat_smile: I went from ext. vertical scroll to vertical scroll

Can we got an update from bubble on this?? Full list is impacting loadtime so would be nice to know what’s going on with ext. vertical scrolling…