Weird problem with calculations

I have a repeating group with calculations, and i use a plugin to display the sum of these calculations outisde of the rg(which works great), when the calculations equals under 1000, theres no problem in displaying the sum, but when they go about 1000, it sums it as for example: 2.300 = 2,3.
I format the calculations as numbers in the RG, dont really understand the issue, but im sure its a pretty simple fix?

You’re using a decimal point as the thousand separator… so that’s almost certainly the issue.

Yeah, exactly (that’s what I said)

But im using a “.” as the thousand seperator?

Okay i get it haha, sorry, english isnt my mother tongue, and with numbers its opposite from my country :smiley:

I changed it to a comma, and still does the same thing


Figured it out: removed the thousand seperator from the RG, and only applied it in the group i have outside the RG showing the sum, thanks!

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