We're having some temporary technical difficulties right now

Is anyone else seeing this message right now?


Yah I’m getting this on the version-test site. Oh man, this was 2 hours ago that you posted? That’s not good.

It seems to be on newly edited pages only.

I just got this error 5 mins ago =\

We have this error on multiple Live pages. Bubble escalated our support ticket to teir 2 and they get in the office 9am Eastern time.

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Its quite frustrating!!! Now we need to wait till someone from support team picks this up.

Also very hard to explain the problem - since some pages are working fine and some not

Yep same here… Not good

Having the same issues in Live version

@bubble… this thread is heating up a bit, and there are multiple other threads.

Folks in this thread… if you haven’t submitted a bug report, you should do that asap.

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Tried submitting a bug report but it doesn’t work either. It returns “Error parsing data from Apiconnector2: ok” when I click on send report

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I would keep trying, and other than tagging Bubble in this thread (which I have done), there is nothing else to do but wait. I know that’s not a great answer for anyone facing this issue, but it is the answer, unfortunately.

Also having the same issue, theres a few simple pages which work but our SPA’s show this error. Could be that these ones were edited most recently, or that they are more complex.

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Also can’t submit a bug report

Hello guys, I have the same issue, two of my pages isn’t load in live version :frowning: I get the same error

Same here, getting it on a couple of the live pages.

I already tagged Bubble in this thread, but @sam.morgan, maybe you could escalate this one? Some folks aren’t able to submit bug reports either, by the way.


It is lagging a lot

Hey folks - really sorry for the delay in response here. I just checked in with engineering and these issues should be resolved at this point. If you are still experiencing page load issues, you may need to edit an element on the page in question, but this shouldn’t be necessary in most cases.


Hi i am not getting error but page load is too slow. please fix it. it is not possible to use application, and waiting nearly to minute for page load is tragedy. and finally page is not loaded completely.

Hi, I have the same case, I don’t have a clear error but the page is very slow, it takes many seconds to start a workflow… I don’t know what is happening… we haven’t changed anything and suddenly this happens…

If you’re still having issues with page load, you’ll want to file a bug report so our success team can take a look at your specific situation and offer some assistance.