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What actually happens when a user creates an account?

When I set up a user sign up, what actually happens with the user? A new user is created with an associated password and email. What happens next? Does a profile page get created for them? If not, then is there something in the Workflow that would need to be placed for a profile page to be created for the user? I want a user to have two pages created once a new account is signed up. One page that would display news the user can subscribe to and another page that features information for the user, such as name, avatar, settings, etc.

You on’t dynamically create pages in Bubble or generally in most web apps.
In fact, you create a page that can display dynamic content.
So for instance, you would create a page called “profile” that would have a data type “User”, and have for instance a text element displaying the current page user’s name.

So only one profile page for all users, but the displayed content change depending on the user that is sent to the page :slight_smile:

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