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What are you currently working on?

I’m in between projects on Bubble at the moment. I’ve concluded my last one and thinking about what I can build next.

Am interested to hear what other people are working on?


I’m building a tracking tool for teachers. I’ve partnered with a literacy expert from Victoria, BC, who has created a research-backed curriculum for teaching kids to read. Her 25 years of experience, coupled with Bubble’s tools and my product background, is setting the stage for a pretty cool thing. We’ll be live in September.


@s.c.williams1989 what was your previous app?

I’m working on a massively complicated Health and Safety app for the last four months. Phase 1 of 8 was due for release end of July but due to changes it was postponed till later this year.

I’m also busy with an eCommerce site for a client in Jamaica. Can’t give details but it will be the first of it’s kind for Jamaica.

Other than that I’m trying to get time to update my website and work on an enterprise app (almost completed with the planning)


I am working on 2 projects. A resource management app to manage Employees, Drivers, shifts and vehicles. And a used car sales website that showcases used cars for sale and allow users make bids.


Finishing an app that connects to users’ bank accounts and “rounds up the spare change”. (For example, a $3.71 purchase would be $0.29 spare change.)

Then, we take the spare change and use it as a payment towards the user’s debts, like student loans, credit cards, etc… Almost done with the closed beta.


Interesting concept @natedogg

I love it. As someone with $140k in student debt remaining, can you just make everybody’s “spare change” apply to mine? lol

Seriously though, that’s a great idea. People can be stupid with their money.


Acorns for debt repayment?

I like it!

Thanks guys! We’ve definitely gotten some exciting feedback so far.

@potentialthings, I definitely feel your student loan pain. We’ve actually played around with the idea of letting family members pay for each other’s debt. (Like a parent signing up and making automatic payments towards their child’s student loans.) So you might be able to get someone to pay off your loans after all. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@ryan, Acorns was definitely an inspiration for this!

I’ll most likely open up a beta version to the Bubble community once we finish.

Hey @natedogg,
How are you able to connect to bank accounts ? Any api that you’d recommend ?

We’re using Plaid. They’re also used by Acorns, Venmo, Stripe, etc.


Thank you !! Were you able to do use Plaid simply using bubble api connector authentication methods ? Would love to see an example of api config if u can share :slight_smile:

I used a combination of the API Connector and HTML elements. While I can’t share our exact setup right now, I’ll include some Plaid examples in my upcoming API Connector tutorials.

The easiest way to get set up with them is to use their Link module, but you’ll have to make some changes to it, as it won’t exactly work with Bubble right out of the box. (Hint: Use it in an HTML element, and change POST to GET to be able to access the data.) Everything else can be done with the API Connector.


Hey Nate,

Is it similar to this app? Or is Mylo YOUR app?

I was browsing Beta List last night and came across that app. And then when I read your comment, I had a deja vu moment.

Hey Hari,

From a glance, it looks like they’re a little more similar to Acorns than us. They take your spare change and invest it.

What sets us apart is that instead of investing small amounts of spare change into ETFs/stock market, we actually make direct payments to your sources of debt. Because one of the fastest ways to increase your net worth is to get rid of debts that you owe.

The name of our startup is Qoins, and you can learn more about it here! (Excuse the crappy logo for now, lol.)

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Good idea for a topic. I was aldo thinking of suggesting a private forum for people above a certain plan to discuss and share the more sensitive aspects of their apps. Also more the business/marketing end of it.

I see some pretty cool ideas here! Also, thanks for the Betalist link, didnt know it existed! Makes me wonder if I should just go ahead and launch our website with an ‘early’ access sign up button. At least you’ll start to generate some traffic already and get your name out there. It also helps to stay motivated I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Next to my ‘normal day job’ I’m developing an app for international relocations. It started as a lead generator but slowly developed into a full service app for moving companies to generate better qualified new leads and manage the quoting process much more efficiently by providing more DIY options for prospects so they are more likely to book a the move with that company.
For clients, it’s basically a one-stop shop to manage the entire international move online. For companies/hr its a tool to manage employees’ moves.

Trying to roll the app out first in Russia from September/October onwards.

I’ll share more details soon. I guess I’ll start working on that early access website now :smiley:


Ah okay, I see!

That’s fair enough. It makes sense.

Your app is better imo. More practical way of using spare change, especially in today’s post-college debt world.

Good luck! Happy to post it on Product Hunt when you’re ready for a public release.

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Sounds great. Do keep us posted how you get on.

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A collaborative project by a few members on the forum would be interesting.

For those of you that were interested in Qoins, we just launched a beta for you to try out!