What are your tips for developing faster and more efficiently in Bubble?

Hey everyone!

We’ve been chatting a lot about this with our members…

What tips do you have for working faster and more efficiently in your Bubble app?

A lot of this comes down to organization (we’ve discussed that before here), but it also has a lot to do with how you use the tools and resources available within your editor.

For example, a simple trick is to use your search tool (here are a few ways we use it).

This tool often gets forgotten, but it can save you serious time when you don’t want to go searching for a needle in a haystack, so to speak…

What tips for building faster and more efficiently do you have? Someone in our Facebook group had mentioned color coding workflows (so helpful)…

What are your tips?


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Hi Gaby @romanmg

You are always the warm sun :sunny: of Bubble and reading yourself is always a great pleasure. Thank you for the tips and good time for the holidays!


I color-code workflows as well. In single-page apps, it’s a necessity. I use green for page redirects, blue for actions that don’t redirect, red for destroy (delete) actions, purple for simple state changes and grey for custom workflows :slight_smile:

Another trick is to make sure elements are named in a way that groups them together in the Workflow panel. For instance, I wouldn’t name one button “Button” and another button “other Button” because they’d appear in different places based on alpha ordering.


Thank you for the kind words, @JohnMark! I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season :slight_smile:

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@chris10 these are great tips…color coding is one that becomes more and more valuable as the app grows. And I completely agree about the naming method you’re using…I see a lot of apps that have elements without names, which is a simple change that can make a huge difference. Taking it a step further with the consistency in naming is even better, like you said. Very helpful!

  1. I group workflows into Folders
  2. Color code workflows based on functionality i.e creating a thing,page load
  3. Use of Custom Workflows for the repeatitive actions
  4. Avoid custom states attached to pages but instead the wrapping group for easier copy & paste to other pages without errors
  5. Naming styles by properties i.e poppins600blue instead of header6 {Whats your best practice on this?}
  6. Naming inputs similar to database fields.
  7. Using copy conditional formating/ ctrl+c/ copy expression/copy with conditional workflow/ bubble copy all at once when transferring functionality [ I enjoy this]
  8. using grid system
  9. Naming database field with a prefix to group them i.e user personal info 1a_firstname, 1b_lastname, 1c_mobile_phone so as to reduce the headache of multiple fields

I simple can’t finish the list so that’s it for now


@koechamos51 These are excellent tips! I use Custom Event workflows all the time to consolidate actions. It’s also a great way to reduce errors since you only have to manage one set of actions.

I love naming styles by property! I think it’s the best way to quickly identify. I even throw in the alignment whenever appropriate. E.g. “header-blue-20-center”

Naming database fields with prefix to group is very clever. I do that with data types and workflow events to take advantage of Bubble’s auto-sorting. I don’t do it enough with fields though… good one!

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Hi @koechamos51

Right now, it is not the best practice using _ or . or any special characters. In the Server Logs, every name is cut to the symbol. You will see 1b_ instead of 1b_lastname. I sent a bug report on it.

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Noted! I haven’t seen any issue from my side though

put most of the WF in the backend (state variables)
if forced to do something in the front end use custom states (variables)
group similar pages into a single page (semi single page app)
use custom WF (functions)
spend a good amount of time designing the db, if the model is incorrect then you’re going to waste and overcomplicate the flows


Thank you man I just started at bubble. I was confused about which colour to use for what…

Thanks for your words… it helped

I love to put emojis at the start of the name of important hidden groups so I can find them easily in the elements tree.

I love naming my styles by the font size, alignment, and color/background.

I love moving my important states to groups on a hidden popup and using the prefix var - in order to find them quickly.