What can I do with Bubble as a hobbyist?

Hello, I’ve only just discovered this tool and I’m very interested in the learning no code app building. But I don’t really plan on using this for business reasons, which seems to be the market for it. So what sort of fun things can I do with Bubble as someone who may be looking to become a hobbyist?

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You can do a lot with Bubble. I have used it to make programs I wish I had. Sometimes I make something to help me with some sort of task, that I would normally do in a couple of hours, that now takes me a few minutes.

Or if you see a program out there but you want to customize it to fit your needs. You can do that.

Or you can create something for someone else, if they need it.

I once created a grocery list sharing app for my wife and I because it helped when I was really short on cash. It would calculate, to the penny, how much we needed to have before we got to the checkout line. Helped save us from some stress.

Just some ideas. Use it to solve a problem. :+1:

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Hope that helps.