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What counts as a reference element for moving a draggable element

So there’s a way to programmatically move a draggable element in a workflow action. Thing is I can’t find out what qualifies as a “reference element”, which I assume is the origin of the offset.

Hm, you should see a list of other elements on the page. Do you have a link?

Ok, so, I added three elements on the page to demonstrate how this feature works. The element it was asking you for (in your original screenshot) was a draggable group, which you didn’t have any of on your page. I created one with a text element inside “Group 1” . Then, you’ll see that it asks you to select an element to move to, which I also created for this demo (“text”). I used a button to trigger the move. You can also trigger a move off drops as well: when canvas has group dropped > move draggable group to another element. See if that helps you move forward.

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Thanks. It’s nice to see something doing something.

The repeating group was/is full of droppable groups. Those don’t count?

The ones in the repeating group are a special case because the workflow isn’t able to identify which cell’s droppable group to move.