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What Crypto Wallets are you using or want to connect to?

I’m working to build some integrations with Crypto Wallets for Bubble.

Which wallets do you use? Want to see what the community has the most pull for?

Making a Wallet Connect integration would be hella cool

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I did a WalletConnect integration for Coinbase. Is there a particular wallet you’d like to integrate with WalletConnect?

Sorry, that was still me… NextBillionCreators is my old account.

Sorry I just saw this… my preferred wallet is Rainbow

Hey Lucas,

Got it! I’ve done some additional work with WalletConnect, but I think I’m capable of building a really simple version in a short period of time.

I’ll follow up with ya when I’ve got it done.

Metamask adoption seems to be on the rise

Wicked! Thanks so much! Sorry again about the slow response…!

Got any stats or links? Would love to see the cold hard facts, always been curious.

I’m using Trustology’s TrustVault crypto wallet as they have their own WalletConnect integration in app and their own MetaMask extension.