What Dictates "Mobile Version" Redirect To Bubble? Page Width? Or Device?

I’m trying to sort out why when I test-set my mobile version to the 404 page and use an emulator it’s not working.

What triggers the mobile version? Page width? Why wouldn’t it work correctly inside an emulator?

As far as I know Bubble detects the browser’s user agent – it’s not looking at the devices screen width at all.

Some emulators won’t work to test, because they aren’t actually changing the user agent but are just showing a small browser window.

With most browsers, changing the user agent is pretty easy. :slight_smile:

If you own a Mac, installing the Xcode (free) Simulator makes testing on virtual iPads/iPhones even easier/better. (Just download Xcode from the Mac App Store.)

I didn’t quite get that. Can you explain a bit more please?

When I set a mobile page it doesn’t work on my end and i’m trying to understand why it’s not working and re-directing to the correct mobile version of the page.

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So you have two versions of the same site like site and m.site?
On bubble you can have the same page for both desktop and mobile version using the responsive engine.
Can you share your editor link and be sure to check that is not private in Settings > General?

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