Can't get the mobile page version to show on mobile why?

OK, so I have created a mobile version of a page and point to it from the parent page all good. But when I log in on mobile to test it does not show the mobile version using iPhone. Do I need to do anything else other than Set the parent page mobile version as the mobile page I created?

Hey @StevenM!

Can you share some screen shots to help get a better visual of what may be going wrong?

And are you viewing in development or production?

Sure. So all I have done is created a mobile version of the “Employee Dashboard” and selected as shown here.

But on login on mobile it does not show, it shows the full page not the mobile version.

Oh and viewing development /version-test/

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I know it may seem silly to ask, but is your mobile page ‘preset page width’ setting set to ‘mobile’?

It is set to full width put it is a responsive design so will size to the mobile width.

Playing with it if I add a condition on the parent page (not mobile) which says if it loads on the user screen and it is less than 900 width redirect to the mobile version and this works. But would expect the automagic version to work without this condition set.

Am I missing something, doe it need to be set to “mobile” width also to work?

From what I understand about Bubbles ‘’mobile version’ is that it’s is a preset layout, and when setting the page of the mobile version, it wants to navigate to that preset type. I used to do it that way, where I had a full size and another size for mobile. But found that even when a pages preset is set to mobile, the responsive engine does not behave the same as it normally would because it keeps looking for that predetermined layout width and height. I switched to full responsive design (takes longer but looks much better).

Perhaps someone here might have more knowledge in regards to your question on how/why Bubble interprets that behavior. Sorry I couldn’t go in depth on that one.

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