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What does [object Object] mean?

I can’t get something to pull properly from the database it seems and I’m trying to understand why. It was working well previously… Now I’m getting an Object Object description. What does this mean?

This is sending an email to a user based on a radius around a thing’s zip.

When I click Object Object it is blank.

Further to the last,

I see the data being pulled in Step 1 so the result is definitely there:

But why/what is this [Object Object] error when it tries to pull the same data from Step 1?

Was working perfectly well before and now this is presenting it’s evil little self.

When I click further to [Object Object] it is blank:

I think I may have figured it out…

It goes back to the privacy settings it seems.

I thought that the system will allow the email to be found by searching?

Basically I am trying to prevent everyone from being able to access my entire customer email list. But now it seems that the restriction doesn’t allow for the system to Search for the email and use it in an action.