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What does this mean: states must evaluate to "yes" or "no", but this is a User?


I’m not understanding the logic here. I have created 2 Repeating Groups, both have user content with one only displaying users that have been added to a particular user field. (I also have 2 user types)

I have an icon in one group that adds the user to the other group when clicked. What I’m trying to do now is condition that icon to change once that particular user has been added. I’m stuck. Please help.

Could you show us a picture of your condition, or give a link to the editor so we can see what’s going on?

So I guess you are trying to change the colour of the “add to other group” icon when then user is in the other group.

What you need to do is have the condition be something that is true or false …

So something like “When … Current Cell’s User is in Other Group’s List of users” or “Current Cell’s User’s Status is …”.

Whatever way you can tell if the User has been added to the group.


Hi, thanks for the response. I actually ended up figuring this out. I think it’s similar to what you mentioned. Here’s what it looks like: