What does this SendGrid Error Message mean?

Can anyone tell me what this means and where I should be looking to achieve success with my emails without this message popping up?

I see that someone else has had this same message and posted here but with no joy. Interestingly, I’m using the exact same SendGrid app by the same developer and a very similar workflow.


As ever, I’ll wish angels and rainbows for anyone who can help dig me out of this mire.

it seems that there is an issue with the Send6rid plugin that is causing an error when attempting to send an email. Specifically, the error is indicating that there is an issue with the forEach function that is being called on an undefined variable.

Without additional context or information about the specific plugin or software you are using, it’s difficult to determine the exact cause of the error. However, it’s possible that the error is related to a problem with the configuration of the Send6rid plugin, or an issue with the data being passed to the plugin.

To troubleshoot the issue, you could try the following steps:

  1. Check the documentation for the Send6rid plugin to ensure that it is properly configured and that all required parameters are being passed to the plugin.
  2. Verify that the data being passed to the Send6rid plugin is in the correct format and that there are no errors or missing fields.
  3. Check the version of the plugin you are using to ensure that it is compatible with the software or platform you are using.
  4. Consider reaching out to the developer or support team for the Send6rid plugin for additional assistance with troubleshooting the error.

Many thanks. This is valuable input.

If it’s down to SendGrid then A) They owe me 4 days of frustration and B) I’ll have to learn to use PostMark or something better than SendGrid because I’m about to go live with this App and it depends on people being informed.

I’ll go through all the things you suggest though.

Thank you.
All the best (and angels and rainbows)

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From a quick look at the code I think you are using v6.2.11 or v6.2.12.
Update to v6.2.13 and the bug should be gone.

Thank you. I’ve looked in my PlugIns and I think I’m on v6.2.13 already. I see this…

Should I uninstall and reinstall it?

try deleting the action and adding it again (in a normal way, not with undo)

Thank you. I’ve just tried that but I’ve still got the same message (as below to prevent scrolling)
Screenshot 2023-04-05 122001

Try to reproduce it with a minimum example, maybe on a new demo app with a new plugin install, and see if the bug is still there.

If you can give me access, i would love to help.

This problem is on plugin Sendgrid, without solution yet. Try to use native action “Send email” from Bubble.

I was having the same issue and it turns out, for me, I had one of the substitution tags misspelled: