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What email tool do you use for new signup campaigns/engagement

Hi Bubblers,

What email service do you like to use for engagement campaigns with new users? Does this differ with the service you use for transactional emails and marketing to potential users?

Thanks so much

All of our emails we run through Postmark. We find we have better deliverability and open rates with Postmark. With SendGrid, we constantly had emails go to spam, and the “Promotions” section.


Thanks, @Dracut . I wasn’t aware postmark can be used for campaigns with new users and prospective users. How do you manage your list with your bubble database? Example: new user signs up for app, add them to an email campaign of X emails over the next X months and the user can access unsubscribing somehow. Is that all handled in Postmark? Basically add a user to a list that postmark accesses? Is there data on open rates, clicks, etc?

Thanks again

Or do you manage the list in bubble and use the API endpoints to send to the current list? Would you have any examples or know of any videos managing email campaigns with bubble and postmark?



You could use tools such as mailchimp oder mailerlite (especially if you need to meet GDPR requirements) to collect e-mail addresses and manage them correctly.

I do prefer mailerlite very much (due to GDPR constraints). Users can sign up for newsletter and I can create e-mail campaigns.

For both are plug-ins available.



Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the tips. Do you use mailerlite for both marketing and for new user engagement DRIP campaigns?


Hi Sarah,

Mailerlite seems like it would a good tool for managing email campaigns with users. What I am hoping for is a tool that came automate all the emails in a DRIP campaign and integrate with the user’s data in bubble. Would you know of any tutorials or resources for learning more of how the plugin or integrations work together?


Hey, I’m using mailerlite only to collect newsletter subscribers and not for DRIP campaigns. I did some research and here you can find some steps when it comes to workflow automation with mailerlite:

I also created a tutorial for the mailerlite plugin (I developed this plug-in):



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Thanks, Sarah and congrats on developing a plugin! It would be great to manage the drip campaign automation in mailerlite, however, I am confused how I would get user’s data into the email from bubble?

You can use Postmark message streams, maybe @bettina from Postmark can talk about it?

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Yep, that’s definitely something you can do with Postmark!

The wonderful @jamesdevonport made a great tutorial showing how to connect Postmark + Bubble using the API connector, giving you full control over what kind of data you’d like to pass from Bubble to your emails. James is creating a welcome email as an example, but of course, you can get creative with how you set up your workflows. :slight_smile: It’s on the bottom of this blog post: How to integrate Bubble and Postmark | Postmark

One thing you should know about Postmark that’s a bit different from what other providers do: You can send both transactional and promotional emails with Postmark, but we like to keep those two types of email separate from each other. (It’s one of our secrets to ensure excellent deliverability rates.) So when you send transactional email like a password reset, send those via a Transactional Stream; if you send promotional emails, send them via a Broadcast Stream. You can find more info here: How to create and send through Message Streams | Postmark Support Center


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