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Do you distribute existing user email campaigns in Bubble or ESP?

Hi Bubblers,

How do you manage a drip campaign for engaging new users who signed up in your app?

Do you:

  1. Use bubble API endpoints with Sendgrid/Postmark etc.
  2. Manage the list outside of bubble in an email service such as mailchimp, mailerlite, email octopus, etc

I’ll attempt to describe the options with pros / cons, this is obviously not fully inclusive of every option or benefit. Would you please share your experience?

Option 1, use Bubble: New user signs up, schedule email #1 which schedules email #2, and so on (design and send email through Sendgrid /Postmark/other). If the user clicks unsubscribe in the email, cancel the next scheduled endpoint and not a field on the user they are unsubscribed.
Pros: can easily add user data to the email
Cons: a bit cumbersome to reinvent the wheel managing the automation and having a lot of scheduled workflows when an ESP can provide automation and ensure the user will be unsubscribed if desired.

Option 2, use ESP: New user signs up, add user to campaign in mailchimp/mailerlite, etc.
Pros: automation already exists, compliant with GDPR
Cons: how do we get user data into the email from bubble? Having another system of user’s data outside bubble

How do you manage your email campaigns for existing users to increase engagement? Why did you choose this route?


I have gone the postmark route, pretty much exclusively because I found a video of exactly how to integrate with bubble. As a result, I cannot comment on how much more combersome this is of setting up the automation within bubble than setting up the automation within an ESP.

The only question I can answer would be through the API’s of the ESP. I have not used the mailchimp API in the past so I cannot comment on their capabilities but they are a 21st century service so I would be shocked if their API is lacking.

I get bubble data into my postmark emails through postmark’s API and I’m sure it’s done very similarly through Mailchimp’s API. If your only con is for using an ESP is getting the bubble data into the email, this should not be a roadblock.

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Thanks for the feedback, Paul. I’m familiar with sending an email through the API into postmark, however, I was wondering how you manage your email list and automation of drip campaign in bubble and unsubscribe them? I really don’t want to reinvent the wheel with building an email
dashboard for all the analytics that are provided in Mailchimp/mailerlite, however, inputting the user’s data into an email can be very useful.

Seems that using Mailerlite/mailchimp is great for managing the subscriber list directly in their service and providing analytics on how many are enrolled, rate of unsubscribers, etc. but not sure how the data from bubble would get into the email if it is sent from their platform.

So you create all your email in bubble API and send through postmark? Any limitations with managing email campaigns this way?


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