What is a full stack developer?

I’m just wondering if we are bubble developers, would we be considered as full stack developers.

Any insight would be appreciated.

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Good questions,

In order to answer the question specifically, we have to see what makes you a full-stack dev?

I’ve had different convos with ‘‘full-stack dev’s’’ telling me no-code isn’t coding nor programming, it’s just a drag and drop system. but we compared some of our work and they had to admit after discussing for some minutes on Facebook, that my designs and workflow system was way cleaner than there’s was.

I.m.o. If you’ve mastered to full wish every need and want of a customer for the design area combined with the back-end without any hassle, bugs or errors, and that divided in some websites like Wordpress, webflow, bubble, memberstack etc. you’re a full stack dev for me.


Yup, I’m with @Jumpdesk… if you are developing both the front end (UI) and the back end (in Bubble terms, data types, workflows, privacy rules, etc.) of your application, then you’re a full stack developer.

Folks can debate all day long about whether or not you are truly a developer (full stack or otherwise) if you develop with no-code, but you know who doesn’t care? Your end users. They just want working software that solves a problem for them, and I haven’t met one yet who cares about how the sausage is made.



If your only stack is Bubble, just like me, you are a full stack Bubble developer. As far as coding goes you got nothing. Neither front-end nor back-end coding skills. To be a full stack developer you need to have at least these in your toolbox: Html/Css/Javascript + Php or Node or similar language + Experience with Databases like MongoDB or else.

I’d love to share my opinion on Bubble as well. Describing Bubble as a “drag & drop system” is downplaying Bubble’s potential. Drag & Drop is Squarespace/Wix and so on. Bubble is a Visual Programming Framework if you ask me.


Thanks for the interesting replys. I agree as long as the output is good.

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Developer is different than programmer.
Who said that to develop something you need to program?

The term is “Full Stack DEVELOPER”. Not “Full Stack Programmer”.


I agree with one caveat… getting bubble to be acceptable in a corporate environment can be a challenge with CI/CD rules etc… I have worked on projects that take our teams 10x as long when I know I could build it in bubble quickly and efficiently… they even attempted using MS power apps… which I quickly found out was no where near what bubble is! Any ideas on how to get more corporate buyin would be great.