Job Title for Bubble Developers in the Work Field?

Quick question for those who are professional Bubble developers and have been working in the software field for a while. What is the job title that you would give yourself as someone who develops applications using Bubble? Would it be Software Developer, Bubble Developer, Visual Developer, Product Developer, Full Stack Designer, Full Stack Developer, etc? Lastly, would you put that job title on your resume/LinkedIn? I would love to know for feedback.

I don’t think any hiring manager would even know what that title is but thanks for adding it here.

Definitely NOT “Full Stack Developer”.
Check the definition of Full Stack Developer in the Wikipedia entry “Solution stack”.

But Bubble allows one to design and build front-end, and back-end of a site or web app. Why wouldn’t they’d be considered a full stack developer if that is what a full stack developer does?

A full stack developer would be expected to know: HTML/CSS, a web server like Apache, a language like C++ or Java (and an IDE like Eclipse), an operating system like Windows or some Unix variant, a source code manager like GitHub, and a database like MySQL or Oracle. All of those tools take weeks to learn and none of them play nicely in the sandbox with others.

Bubble’s whole purpose is to allow you to develop software without knowing those software tools.

What you just explained is what someone would need to learn if they want to “write code” to build their apps. But Bubble is a no-code tool that also allows you to build the front-end and the backend of web apps. The end result is the same either way, right? Whether you’re coding or using no-code, you’re both still building fully functioning data-driven web apps correct? So wouldn’t that still make you a Full Stack Developer? Are you a full-time Bubble user that builds web apps for a company or client? If so, what is your job title? I really would like to know the title that professional Bubble users give themselves. If anyone else reads this and is a full-time Bubble user that develops web apps for a company or client, please let me know what your job title is.

You are thinking of providing a solution using Bubble instead of those tools. Referring to yourself as a “full stack developer” strongly implies you can use those tools rather than deliver a solution by other means.

I’m using Bubble to develop a prototype to demonstrate a concept to get funding to pay others to implement the product using the full-stack tools. Since I’m not trying to sell services to anyone, I don’t use a job title.