What email tools do you use?

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We all want our email communication with users to look polished and to include our company branding. Other than bubble’s ‘send email workflow’, wondering what programs people use to send emails on user actions and any examples of how you might use them?

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I saw a lot of people using SendGrid and there is a plugin for SendGrid here.
However, before moving to bubble I already have a bad experience with it. Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo blocks it and it is a well known issue (not for me at that time). When I say block, I mean it doesn’t even in spambox.
So I changed to SparkPost. I still don’t see anyone around here using it and don’t see any plugin either. But connecting SparkPost to bubble shouldn’t be too hard (I think).

I use the SendPlus email tool. This is a multi-channel marketing platform.

Interesting , @sofiabelle. Do you happen to use this to send emails to users when they perform specific actions within your app or as a marketing tool? Is there any documentation working with Sendpulse in bubble?

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Thank you @nimmarn.c @sofiabelle. How has your experience with SparkPost/SendPlus and Bubble worked? Would you use them again/continue to use them? Would you recommend SparkPost or SendPlus to a friend for sending in app workflow emails? Any other email tools you (or anyone) have evaluated for use with Bubble?

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Using Postmark and the plugin by @vini_brito. The warnings on the forum about SendGrid made me look at alternatives. Postmark’s stated goal is to ensure that transactional emails get through and so far it’s delivered on that.

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Thanks, @casheets123. Anything you like/dislike about Sendinblue?

Great to hear, @ed727. I also came across (what seemed to be) many negative threads on Sendgrid, which is kinda surprising, it being a Twilio product, and pretty great feedback on Postmark. Is there anything you like/dislike about Postmark? Is it missing anything you are looking for?

What do you think about the Plugin’s ease with bubble?

Thank you so much for the feedback!

I like it overall. it integrates pretty easily with Bubble and you get 300 free emails per day.

Only issue I’ve had with them is them locking the account after you’ve sent a couple of campaigns, they won’t tell you, so you’ll find out when you’re trying to create a new campaign and then you have to create a ticket and support will ask a couple of questions and then they unlock the account. Has happened for me a couple of times on different accounts.

It seems to be their way of doing customer verification. Not optimal, but if you’re aware it’s not too bad.

Great feedback. Thanks, @casheets123 Looks like a pretty awesome tool for marketing and campaigns. Is this also something you use for in-app transnational emails (when user is signed in and clicks on ‘X’)?

I’m only using it in the simplest way (transactional emails, no special formatting), and so far so good. They have really good support and documentation and the plugin from @vini_brito makes connecting it to Bubble easy for a non-technical person.

As you know Bubble has built direct integrations with SendGrid so that’s the easiest to use if you want emails to use your domain name (if you search SendGrid on the forum there are some long threads about it and you can make your own determination). If you go with Postmark or any other service besides SendGrid, you’ll need to recreate the emails Bubble generates for email confirmation (if you want that) and password resets. The latter is easy but the former takes a little more work and it’s not as clean a process as Bubble’s built-in process via SendGrid. If you search “Postmark” on the forum there’s a thread where instructions on how to do that are discussed.

Separate from this, with any third party email service sending using your domain name, there are settings at the domain level you’ll need to implement to help those emails get recognized as valid by the recipient. The email provider you use will have instructions on that.


Hey all,

You may or may not have seen my post about email in general, but I thought I’d drop it in here, just in case it is of any help to you.

This thread and a few others prompted me to write it.
@ed727’s response is on the money and my post basically expands on theirs.

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