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What Is Going On With Blockspring?

Does anyone know what is going on with Blockspring’s server? They seem to have disappeared from the face of the WWW. I’m not sure if you guys are part of the same company, I figured you work in close collaboration with them and may offer some insight into the situation. Is this something that will be back in a few hours, or is there a deeper problem? If I were to say this doesn’t’ concern me a little bit–I’d be lying.

Does this mean every app out using Blockspring to drive dynamic content is down right now, or do the sheets run independently of support from blockspring once the formula is put into the sheet. Sorry, I am new to app creation, I am a designer who is looking for a way to not have to outsource clients for this type of work, and need to be sure any app I build for a client is going to be reliable. Blown away so far with the Bubble Software,



We don’t any information there, but today, the web is not in good shape, so i wouldn’t take today as representative.

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Thank you, Emmanuel, for the quick response. Good, to know, I look forward to learning your software and hopefully building some cool applications.