Is block spring down? - Business critical

Hi all,

Is Blockspring down at the moment? I and my users are getting an error that Blockspring is temporarily unavailable - any ideas?



I know what you’re going through – we had the same issue and eventually moved off.

We had mission-critical pieces of our app on blockspring and had outages ~1/week (ugh!). I’d write their founder (Paul) directly on the chat support feature. This is your best bet to stem the bleeding. They would temporarily bump us to another server.

For the long-game, we implemented an AWS lambda + API gateway setup. Now we don’t use blockspring; we just use AWS. If you’re using blockspring custom blocks, you may consider (I’d highly recommend this as a stable solution; we haven’t looked back). If you’re simply using blockspring’s API calls, and the call is a REST API, you can use Bubble Connector to do what you’re doing directly with Bubble (no AWS needed).

Reach out to blockspring support. Perhaps I’ll make some content available to show how we’ve architected our app with these more advanced API capabilities if there is interest from others in the forum.


Thanks a lot!

I’m interested!

I’m interested.

@kramwe I’d definitely be interested as well, sorry for bumping :slight_smile:

This is similar to what we’ve implemented:

We also created a python handler that can load R (a lot of work), but I mention it because through this works best with python, it’s also likely you could keep scripts in JS, php, or ruby as well.

It’s not a trivial amount of work to setup, but if you need production blocks, it’s an amazing solution.

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Thank you, awesome stuff :slight_smile: