What is Stripe Subscription 'status'?

does any one know what this would return?



When we subscribe a user to a plan the status changes to “active” but when we cancel the subscription, the status doesn’t change to cancelled but instead becomes empty.
Anyone else encountered this and knows the solution?

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I’m observing an even weirder behavior.

As I’m storing the Stripe Subscription upon its creation on the team the plan is subscribed for, I am able to retrieve the subscription status via two paths: on the customer himself, and on the team.

When a plan is subsribed during the trial period, both paths would give status = “trialling”.

After the trial period, both paths give a status = active, but when a plan is cancelled, the customer path give a status = [empty] and the team path gives a status = “active” for as long as the end of the current billing period has not been reached.


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looks like a bug, I think it’s worth to file a bug report with Bubble at https://bubble.io/bug_report

Yeah Im having problems with being able to setup subscription plan using status. No answers yet:

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