Subscription Status is not changing

Hey, I installed everything for Subscriptions with the Stripe Plugin. And Everything is working: The Customer Portal, displaying different prices, the customer id is shown in bubble and the webhook is all set.

Now I tried buying the Software and everything seems to work. But if I cancel the subscription it will not change the subscription status on the backend of my bubble app.

Does anybody know what i have to check or what I might miss?

Thank you!

How do you store the subscription status? In my app, when a subscription is cancelled, I can update the field (which keeps the status) in my user and everything works as expected:

First step:

Second step:

It is all in the plugin so it goes automatically with the payment. The stripe customer portal is the place where the customer can cancel the subscription. In the tutorial the subscription status in bubble changes through the webhook, but somehow this is not working.

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I see. I didnt try that portal. I handled it myself.

Did you eventually fix it? Currently having the same problem…

yes. you have to check your webhook and just delete “version-test” in the middle of the webhook. Then everything worked!

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