Bubbles Stripe plugin - check status of Subscription

I am building a SaaS app. I take payment from my customers each month. Super simple. x USD/month. The Bubble Stripe plugin is very easy and I understand how to solve all my needs, but one.

If a user create a subscription. Then for example, three month later his credit card is lost and the payment goes unsuccessful on renewal. My Bubble App need to know that so his account will be canceled/not able to log in.

Anyone know how to solve this? I need to pull status from stripe, or get push notifications from them. Anyone know how?


Hey Mikke, I’m currently thinking through the same issue.

I wish there was an easier way (please someone chime in if there is) but I think we need to create multiple conditions for the different types of subscription status. You can see all of the options Stripe has here: Stripe API Reference - The subscription object

So, it would be “When Current User’s Stripe Customer’s Subscription Status is active” then do this… etc.

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I don’t know if the Bubble Stripe plugin supports this but you can us the API connector to get these details yourself. Just take the subscription ID you get from the Bubble Stripe plugin and feed it to the API connector call

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You can check if subscription ID exist. The subscription ID returns empty when a subscription is cancelled.

I’m not 100% sure that stripe will consider a subscription cancelled if the payment fails tho. I’m not sure if there is a way to test that without actually failing a payment?

I’m trying this very thing and when I initialize the call, I get the following error:

Would you mind sharing the API Name portion of your API Connector set up so I can copy what you’re doing?

I’m not seeing what header name needs to be set, or what it needs to be set to.

Never mind.

I decided to delete the API call definition and build a new one from scratch, exactly as the one that was not working.

And this new one works.