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What is the difference between and Ionic Creator?

I like Microsoft Excel but I want to have fast online access and tools Microsoft Excel can’t provide. Microsoft Access needs learning as well and might be more difficult to bring something online the way I like it. Zoho Creator is all grey. And many other App creators don’t appear the shiny way does. Except Ionic creator seems to be almost the same?

What is the diffrence?

P.S. If it is allowed to ask two questions in one “topic”. Does public mean, that anybody can delete anytime what I have built or change the way it was meant for me to be!?

Ionic creator has historically been used for building hybrid mobile applications, and DOES NOT include tools for building out your own backend. Bubble is best for web applications and API-driven backends.


So I hope they catch up soon to be better at hybrid mobile applications. I wish it could all be handeld just with mobile sites, but I also prefer apps from time to time.

Could they just do some mergers or do I really have to go through all that list:

  2. AppGini
  3. AppInstitute
  4. AppMachine
  5. AppMakr
  6. AppsBuilder
  7. Appy Pie
  8. AppYourself
  9. Bizness Apps
  10. Gamesalad
  11. GoodBarber
  12. IBuildApp
  13. kinvey
  14. Knack
  15. Kony Visualizer
  16. Lansa
  17. mendix
  18. MobAppCreator
  19. Mobile Roadie
  20. Mobincube
  21. OutSystems
  22. Shoutem
  23. simbla
  25. Swiftic
  26. zengine
  27. Zoho Creator


Your list is pretty all over the place. is not a mobile app builder, it’s a Java framework intended to help make Java developers more efficient. I work at Pivotal (the company that maintains Spring), so I was surprised to see it show up on this list.

The two that I would really want to point out as my preferred mobile app development platforms are Kinetise and Dropsource. The others are just template-based solutions that put out, frankly, garbage products. It’s quite easy to build a garbage app with Bubble, but you aren’t limited to only that :slight_smile:

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