How to compare Bubble to Microsoft and Google? (not a programmer)

Me and my husband want to create a website for a business idea. We looked at Microsoft and Google as well but it’s hard to evaluate we are not programmers. How do you compare these three? Or do they all work together?


I have to be honest and say that I got a little puzzled by this subject but it turned out that you actually brought really fresh information. I wasn’t aware of any of both services from Google and MS. I found their websites a little superficial for me to fully understand and tell you the difference but as I understood, the focus is more on internal apps for companies, not intended to have an external user as client/consumer. So they would compare more to tools like Zoho Creator than to Bubble.

I think it depends on what kind of business you are working on.
If it’s a non-app / non-software type business and you mainly just need a site for marketing and information purposes then one of those are probably better (squarespace is also good).

If you are working on a business that would normally have to hire a programmer to make what you want to sell then I think bubble is what you want to use to do it cost effectively and see if it gains traction in the market.

If (lots of if’s here! ) you can share what type of business it is I’m sure we can help steer you in the right direction.

Same here I didn’t know those two solutions before reading the post, but from what I can gather it’s the opposite (I only signed up for Microsoft PowerApps). It looks like these solutions are tailored for internal business applications, sort of like Filemaker, etc. It looks like PowerApps is mobile oriented and plugs into Dynamics 365 for browser-based applications.

So I did more research on the two solutions you mentioned.
While both solutions are geared towards internal business usage, they are a little bit different from another.

Microsoft PowerApps is a mobile-only platform (phones and tablets). It leverages the Azure platform for its infrastructure.

Google App Maker seems to be closer to Bubble than PowerApps, even though it’s a low-code platform (as opposed to a no-code platform). It does provide a drag and drop interface but relies on some coding to go more in depth. Sadly, App Maker is only available to G Suite Business.


Business site? Its completely based on your requirement. Now a days to give a customer satisfactory solution through your site then i would suggest you to use Dynamics 365 ERP solutions which full fill every thing. Recently Microsoft upgraded its technologies with AX, NAV and CRM. AX and NAV are ERP solutions related to 365 solutions and CRM is completely for Customer satisfaction purpose to engage in a proper manner. I would like to suggest to start your site development using Microsoft Dynamics 365 development solutions to power up your site for good satisfactory business, Hope my suggestion useful to you. All the best

If it’s a public facing website, Google’s AppMaker is not what you want. That’s a tool for building internal solutions (e.g. streamlining business processes) and can be used only within the G Suite account with which it’s associated.