What is the practice for loading image faster?

Hey everyone

So I want to upload gif for every exercise in my database, however because it is a native app and with over 500 exercise and each gif up to 3mb the repeating group just become too heavy, is there any way I can store the picture somewhere else to make the app faster?

Because right now the repeating group is too heavy and the app crashes (as I have a section called exercise library which I need to display all exercises.

I would appreciate any tips!


does each one of your 500 exercice have a different gif or do they use a gif from a selection of fewer options?

you said native app, do you mean a responsive web app or actually native as in an app that’s installed on the device ? In which case you can keep some data stored locally.

your 3mb file seem big for the use case you’re intending to use them for, you might consider showing fewer items in your repeating group or not displaying this gif in the list, but only when an item has been selected?

Yeh so basically I used a wrapper for the app, so it can be downloaded on iPhone, and yeh the 500 exercise each would have a different gif, I found out last time that showing them all at one with an image will crash the app, however when I hide each image only show the text of exercise in repeating group then I have no problem.

So this time I am intending to do a similar thing, hide the gif first until they press and open the exercise for more details, even that I still want to look for a solution that can reduce the data loading speed for the app even further.

you might want to look up ways to compress your gif, 3MB seems a lot to me.

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Maybe use a thumbnail in webp format for the RG and the gif once they have selected the exercise

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Sorry I didn’t quite get that, what do you mean by use a thumbnail in webp format?

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