What is the 'Thing to Watch' field for?

I’m using the ‘Trigger a custom event when data changes’ action, but can’t work out what to put in that field. I can’t find any suitable content for it, and surprisingly I can’t find any Bubble documentation on it.

An old YouTube video shows an older version of the dialogue, which shows a ‘Workflow data’ field label instead. The content options look the same, however.

Any ideas? Thanks.

The “thing to watch” must be the same type as the custom call’s parameter type. So for custom element:


Thing to watch is user, and on page load you would select which user to watch:

When that user’s email changes, the workflow will run, with that user as object.

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This is what I’m trying, but the computer says no! The type is ‘Conversation’:

Yet I’m not able to select that type in the field:

Yes Bubble is asking where to get the “conversation”. So you should be able to pull, for instance, “group conversation’s conversation”…

Are you perchance trying to look for field changes on “all” conversations, instead of a specific one?


Possibly - how do I check?

That’s a human question before being a programmatic one. What do you need your app to do?

I’m asking because you might need a different solution. For instance, if you want to check all your conversations and do something when one of them’s, say, “latest message” changes and send an alert via sms, you would do that from the back end workflows.

If you want to watch a specific conversation’s “latest message” and scroll down to the bottom of the messages on your users’ screens, you would do that from custom events client side (what you’re doing now). Maybe your use case is spicy and will tickle we forum lurkers’ problem solving senses and we will have a jolly old time helping.

I’m thinking if you specify what you’re trying to accomplish in plain English we the forum can help with a bit more specificity is all. I don’t like to leave a “need help” with no solution :wink:

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Thanks for asking :slightly_smiling_face:

My app has a working chat system already, from a template. My need is to integrate the Daily plug-in’s audio call function. Specifically, to allow a user to request a voice call, and have all the other participants in chat be alerted of this.

I believe I need to detect when a Daily room’s URL is created in the database, and then alert everyone in the current Conversation, except for Current User.

I’m pretty new to Bubble, so this is still a challenge!

“This is the thing to watch for changes. It must be the same type as the parameter of the custom
event that will be triggered, and the thing will be sent to the custom workflow. In other words, if the custom event expects a user, this field must be a user, and the custom workflow runs with that user when it changes.”

So the thing to watch would be whatever the “conversation” is that you want to watch.

Then the field would be the daily url.

(hopefully bubble have worked on this in recent times, it was always a bit flaky).

This was it - doh!

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