What plan to buy to run schedule api

Dear Bubblers,
I am a bit confuse about the pricing for bubble.
I have an app that I need to run a schedule api several time a day.

What is the lowest plan I can purchase

Find below my api

Hi @bosunjohnson

This URL has “compare plans” tab.


Yes I have checked that previously but I dont get it.
What does the personal plan “run monthly” mean?

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My English is a little bad, I hope I can describe it correctly.

Do you want to set up a workflow and run this workflow for certain periods without any other triggers? Then you need to set the plan for this structured workflow to be monthly, weekly, or daily.

If you have a trigger for this workflow (button or event), the “personal plan” meets this request. You can even organize a recurring event once a month.



From your description, it sounds like you need a plan that allows you to run daily. Alternatively, you can probably do some trickery with Zapier to make calls to your API endpoint within Bubble to trigger the workflow when needed. I’ve seen some forum posts describe this in detail.

Thank you.

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Thanks Andrew, I’ll search the forum post for how to achieve this with Zapier.