What stops you from building your own business?

Title: What stops you from building your own business?
Tell us, sometimes devs prefer to work as freelancers, full time workers, part time, etc etc.

What are you asking?

Sorry, it’s in the title: What stops you from building your own business?

Are you asking developers why they do not start their own development agency or another type of business? Or are you asking people generally what is stopping them from building their own business?

Title is simple to read…the main part of the post is confusing.

Well I’ve built many products but it takes time and a lot of effort to turn products into businesses. Unless you’re really driven by the product it’s easy to lose interest very soon. This is what happens to me all the time.


Any type of business, sorry if the post is confusing I haven’t made myself clear. To simplify, I want to know why don’t you build your own business, if this is the case.

That’s very real. I too believe that many times we build something that we end up discarding and losing that opportunity. I like to believe that every previous/failed product that I’ve built helped me learn and improve, so when it comes the “right” opportunity I can take it and succeed.

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I would imagine a lot of people do not start their own business because it is just not in their nature to.

Some people are just risk adverse naturally and it doesn’t matter what other situations are present in their life, they would just always rather have a salary that is reliable than to take the risk of starting their own business.

For those who dream about being their own boss, but never take the leaf of faith in themselves, may struggle to do so because of life situations, such as family commitments, excessive debt loads, high anxiety levels, lack of resources etc.

In respect to the post

I would say the group being devs, is that they are not naturally the type of people who start businesses as they might not have the minds for business. Not everybody has the type of mind that is suitable to be a business person, and so a dev, if not business savvy, may just choose to do what they know to earn a living, rather than venturing into uncharted territory.

Personally, I’m risk loving, and have been so my entire life. Currently, I am starting 2 new businesses in a country in which I do not speak the language, at a time when I have a 2 month old son, a 2.5 year and a 5 year old son, as well as building a house with no social welfare safety net in place.

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That’s an excellent response! Risk taking is really something everybody should experience on their day to day.

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