Whatifi.io - Bubble build plan feedback request

Hey gang, used Bubble a few years back but hit some limits. Now that we’ve built the core tech the old fashioned way, I’m circling back to Bubble to see if I can skin/source our tech on the back end using Bubble as our front end for mobile sites. We’ve created a pretty slick node based, procedural calculation engine (think lucidcharts meets excel). We have a generic desktop version (Postgres, React, node.JS, AWS is where we run our calculation engine. We’re using two important JavaScript libraries for our data visualization - amcharts and konva… this has been an expensive and time consuming exercise. I know want to be able to more nimbly create niche specific mobile versions of the app and be able to build and test these myself (Real Estate scenarios, maternity leave, career changes, investing, etc)

My devs are not familiar with Bubble.

So here is my desired workflow - doable?

  • A user comes to my mobile site(s) (Bubble)
  • account creation in my Postgres database using Google auth
  • series of questions that push answers to my database
  • trigger a scenario build (assume we would create an api on our end that Bubble can call)?
  • return monthly calculation data. In our current app, we send this to amcharts to graph. Can I do something similar in Bubble? Should I embed an i frame? Ideally this chart has some interactivity like scrubbing the timeline.
  • konva; in the desktop app, we use konva as our input for building scenarios and to display the decision tree like output. For this “lite” mobile version, we could just display the end result. Or is it possible to somehow a view from our desktop app into Bubble somehow? Again, some interactivity with the display is ideal.

I appreciate that this last two points are muddy. Here’s a link to our tech video that might help anyone who is up for a deeper dive.

Thanks in advance!

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