What's the deal w/ plugins

I was sure that I shouln’t need to pay for a plugin project until I needed to access the Backend or hook up API calls, however When I try to implement a simple action. The plugin instals to the test app and you can see on the plugins page that the plugin does contain the action. When I try to build a workflow the plugin can,t be found under the plugin options.
At present I’m using Free Projects. Please advise me if you can what is the least expensive way to test Plugins. I’ve tried to keep at least one project on a Personal plan in an effort to show apprecieation for using Bubble. I’m concerned that I may not be able to afford more than that for an extended period. Any advice would be welcome as I’m determined to learn to create Plugins.
Regards: Brian

I’m not sure I understand what you mean…

Can you give a specific example, or maybe share some screenshots…

Thank you for the responce. I apoligize for not getting back here sooner. Just so you know I have resolved this issue however it may not be long before I run in to something else. Glad to know there is someone around to help.

Regards: Brian

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