What's the difference between a link and button? It terms of SEO and best practices

For example in the navigation bar. The only thing that the elements need to do is navigate between pages. But Bubble’s default navbar is using buttons. Is there a best practice for this? Does it matter in terms of backlinking? I have some other areas on the page where it’s just to go to a different page, is it better to use links?

So many questions. If someone knows a but of the theory of whats better and why that would amazing. Thanks!

Use links for most navigation (it’s better UX, and better for on-page SEO)

That’s not a bubble specific but more general web development question. For SEO purposes it seems better to use links to navigate between pages and use buttons to make some action (show pop-up, create a thing and so on).

Ahrefs doesn’t think bubble buttons for navigation work.

They should as it is a JS action but it doesn’t.

So Ahrefs can think every page on your app is an orphan.

Learned from @adamhholmes’ reply here that you can change crawl settings on ahrefs to Execute JavaScript.

That fixed a ton of ahrefs errors and warnings for me, allowing me to focus on real errors.

E.g my homepage:



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I have that on and it still doesn’t work.

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