Whats the problem here? only when issue

Trying to figure out whats the issue here or what am I doing wrong. I want it to only work when the product is on the list of products of the asset.
I got a type products and a type asset with a field product, list of products. How can I tell bubble, when x product is in the list of products of the asset do this…

Any suggestions?
Thank you

:first item?

@Jici Hey thanks for the reply it works but its not what I am trying to figure out. I guess if its the only way to do ill go with it. I would like to be able to match the product by its name or its ID, not by its rank on the product list. At the moment, I just did item#4 and it works…
Right now it says only when: current page asset product contains search for products item#4
I would like something like current page asset product contains search for product name=tier 1

But its not allowing me to do that. Do you know why?

contain will check for 1 item, not a list of item. When you do a search for, this return a list of item. Maybe you need to use :intersect with :count > 0?

Not sure what you mean, what does intersect with :count >0 achieve?
I tried intersect: search for products but it doesnt work either…

intersect with do a search. This mean that two list are compared and return item that are in both list. I think this is what you are trying?

I just did this and it seems to work. What do you think?

If this work you are good. It’s hard for me to tell you if this is correct because I don’t see data of each part (like group product)

The data in group product is product, do a search for product item #3

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