Repeating group not updating when database entries change values

There is a bug that is causing the repeating group on the page displaying the search results to not update refresh when database values are changed.

Have a repeating group with a simple search…ignore empty constraints is checked. The search looks at a data field to determine that the field value is not of a particular option. The option set has 3 values…so whenever a value for the search constraint is not of 1 value, it means there are 2 other values that would enable a data entry to be part of the list of results displayed in the RG.

When the page is loaded all data is shown properly, when a specific entry has it’s field value changed from one of the two options that should allow it to be displayed to the second option that allows it to be displayed, the data entry is removed from the repeating group…if you refresh the page the entry is shown.

If you change the data field value to the one option that would make it not part of the list of results, it is removed from the list as it should be, and then changing that field value back to the original option in which the entry was displayed properly in the RG, the RG does not update to show the entry again, until you refresh the page.

Repeating groups are supposed to update automatically when database entries change. This has been how Bubble has worked since I can remember, and I do not recall an announcement of a change to this functionality.

If the object’s values are really updating, then yeah that’s probably a bug.

There were issues like this back then where the data shown on the frontend didn’t update dynamically. You would need to refresh the page to see the changes.

Perhaps this is similar to that issue?

If I recall correctly, this issue happened again a few months after.

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Yes, I’m actually updating values from app editor and can see in real time the issue.

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