WhatsApp login instead of email

I am building a 100% mobile web solution where i want to allow the user to log in only with WhatsApp.

I will use otpless.com for this authentication.

However, email sign up seems to be mandatory for bubble. Especially to keep the user signed in.

How do I do this?

Hi, Did you find a way to solve this?

you can append email at the end and extract number for use.

in log in number will be like 0000000:append@example.com

How to send the whats app message?
Do we have to use any third party services? if so, can you give some examples

You can use wati for this.
With wati you can also schedule message for events like reminder to fill remaining details.

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How are you sending sms using WATI?
Are you getting the phone number from twilio or other platform and then using that?

we are using phone number by local network provider.

If I may ask, how much is it costing you per month for these services and how many messages are you sending on average?


it totally depends on your usage you can start with there basic package 39 $ per month for more info you can find details on. Wati Pricing | WhatsApp Business API

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