Signup and login with Phone Number only

Greetings all. I am developing an app that will have a very wide spectrum of users. A huge proportion of the users have no e-mail addresses. Some are not even aware of such an option or have never seen the need for one. However, most, if not all of them are on WhatsApp.
My question is, can I register users using only their phone numbers and what are the possible pitfalls of using this method.
Secondly, what other methods can I use to properly register users.

Hi there, @williemakumbe… check out this thread, but in short, you can append to the phone number to make it look like an email address to Bubble.

Hope this helps.



Hey there, did you find a solution for this?

Currently implementing what mikeloc recommended but wanted to double check there wasn’t a better solution.


Thanks for flagging this issue for me. I have been busy building and trying to find ways to set up manual/ offline subscription methods. So I have not been checking my mail that much.

Thank you so much @mikeloc. Let me have a look.

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@thedew if i get a better solution, I will definitely share.

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