WhatsApp message with a shopping cart order

Hello everyone! I have a question about writing a text that includes two elements that have the same position in different lists. I´m building an app that has a shopping cart. So, I want that the user sends me a WhatsApp message with all the products and quantities that he/she want.

Currently, I´m receiving a message like (e.g.): Hello! I want 2, 4 and 3 units of chicken, meat and pork, respectively. But what I want is: Hello! I want 2 chicken units, 4 meat units and 3 pork units. Is that possible in Bubble? Please consider, this Data Types:



*Det_Pedido= Order detail

Also, as you can see, an order contains a list of order details, so what I want is to write together the elements that occupy the same position on their lists.


List 1 (Quantity): [2, 1 , 5]

List 2 (Product): [eggs, t-shirts, pens]

I want 2 eggs, 1 t-shirt, and 5 pens.

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estou desenvolvendo a mesma coisa, identica, tambem nao encontrei uma resposta

Bruno eu consegui achar um video que resolve o problema

Hey thanks, but I´m looking for another solution :frowning:

Consegui fazer de outra forma se quiser saber entra em contato

Hello! Yes, I would like to know!

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