Whatsapp plugin by Mintflow

Hi @mintflow!
Looking at your whatsapp’s plugin: https://bubble.io/plugin/whatsapp-widget-1594630299183x653739161277956100

Is there a way to avoid the whatsapp icon’s position to be by default to the bottom of the page? I would like to use it just as an icon wherever on the page,

Thanks for the help!

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Hello @jmbarquet
At the moment, this plugin doesn’t support that option.

But, I think you can achieve it using the Bubble’s built-in features.
So, you can create a Group Focus and place the following link:
Share on WhatsApp!

Share on WhatsApp encoded**

Note: that’s important to encode the message since this may contain special characters.

Let me know if you have any questions, please.

Have a good one!

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All right! Thanks for the feedback, will try that :slight_smile:

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