When can we reuse the name we just deleted?

Hey Bubble community

I just joined and while I was trying to understand the process I used the app name I want to use on the tutorial and then deleted the app, now, unfortunately, I can’t use the name again!

how can I reuse the name?

Hello @emadsalimi

Just an opinion. App names may not be relevant as they are seen when in development and prior to you getting a domain. Once the app is connected to a domain what users will see is your brand new domain :smiley:

completely agreed. but unfortunately, I have OCD and it will kill me till the end :smiley:

Hi there, @emadsalimi… if you’re interested, this thread should provide some context.



apparently, I have no other choice

The app name is used as the ID of the app. Even after you delete it, it remains as a used ID of an app for Bubble, which all apps need to have a unique ID, so it is not able to be used again.

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