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Creating a new app with the name of another app bubble that has already been deleted

Goodnight! Can anyone tell me how I can create a new app with the same name as another app that I just deleted from my apps list.

I don’t believe you can :frowning:

But you don’t necessarily need to - the app name doesn’t really display anywhere if you use custom domain and email integrations.

Thank you !! I believed the name of the app in the bubble did the name of the app that would be publiched…

Hi there @jonas_dorigan,

You use to be able to delete your app and then recreate with the same name, but Bubble switched up their system a while ago. I believe if you reach out to [email protected] they can release the name?.. @eve, please correct me if this isn’t the case anymore

Wasn’t the case then I asked them recently :frowning:

Unfortunately, this is no longer correct, and we’re not able to allow users to reuse app names.

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