When Element is Clicked rather than Pressed

Hello everybody,
I would like to start a workflow when the “element Icon is pressed , rather than clicked” In order to have that sort of UX where the user is holding and pressing the icon in order to show an element.

In the icon conditions unfortunately i cannot change other’s element visibility.
Any suggests?
Thank you

Hi there, @nikpiazzolla… if you are just trying to show an element while the icon is being pressed, you can set the element to not be visible on page load, and you can add a condition to the element that says when the icon is pressed, the element is visible (in other words, you don’t need a workflow… you can do it with a condition on the element). Are you saying you tried to do that and it isn’t working?


I have just tried earlier as you suggested , but there might be something wrong in what im doing,

  1. Condition on the icon , if the element is pressed - this icon element is not visible
  1. start workflow only when the icon is not visible → Show the Different_Element ( which was set not visible on page load)
    i ll try again and let you know.
    As always, thank you @mikeloc

I do apologise, maybe my question was not that clear.

I have two elements one Icon, and one Text Box.

What i would like to do is if i PRESS (rather than clicking) the Icon, the textbox will be shown on the page.
As I would like to create that effect that the user needs to press and hold the icon to see that textbox.

It should be as simple as I described. Go to the Layout tab of the text element and uncheck the This element is visible on page load checkbox. Then, go to the Conditional tab of the text element and set up this condition: When Icon A is pressed. Finally, select the This element is visible option for the second part of the condition, and check the box associated with that option.

I just created a quick example, and it works as expected on my end. So, if it’s not working for you, share some screenshots of what you are doing, and I’m sure we will be able to figure out why it’s not working.

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@mikeloc yes it does work. The logic mistake that I was doing is to think like
" when the icon is pressed → Find the Text box → and let it to be visible " on the Condition’s menu of the icon.
Instead i should have thought On the Condition’s menu of The TextBox, “when the icon is pressed than make it visible…”

I have no excuses. :smiley:
Thank you for your time and your help

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