Conditionals only update on page refresh (sometimes)

I have 2 conditionals on a button (first screenshot) to change its display depending on whether the current user has marked the corresponding lesson as completed, but they don’t always work.
Second screenshot is from the database, and as you can see one of the lessons is marked as complete.
In the third screenshot you can see that the button hasn’t changed. Now if I refresh, the button will be displayed correctly (fourth screenshot).
Any idea what could be causing this?


Your conditionals are overlapping. Maybe that’s the issue

Your second conditional should only evaluate if the count is 0.

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I have seen this behavior with a conditional as well. It only updates when I’ve refreshed the page.

I think this is a new bug on Bubble. @bubble team please assist.

If you believe it’s a bug you should file a bug report. They won’t be able to help if you only tag them in the forums.

Can you share the published dev link?

This seems to have fixed it, it was an issue with overlapping in my Search fors. Thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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