When I fill button background, icon disappears



My style guide has the button fill black when selected… for some reason the button disappears…

I’m using:

  • Group (Align to Parent)
    — HTML (with SVG)
    — Button

I’ve tried using an Icon instead of HTML just to check, and same thing happens… anyone know why this is and how to fix?

It’s probably because the button is on top of the icon, so you see the icon only when the background is transparent.
Try bringing to front the icon (top menu, right side, under “arrange” you have “bring to front”).
Of course now the button will not trigget workflows when the icon is clicked, so you either add the same workflows to the icon or move all the workflows to the container group.

Duh…! I constantly confuse myself because in the elements tree it’s the opposite order to most graphic editors.


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