When Input changed page auto scrolls down...help!

Hey everyone,

This is an issue that has just popped up today (app wasn’t doing this before today and I haven’t changed anything since then).

All of a sudden whenever I change the input on an input box/dropdown box the screen auto jumps to the bottom of the page.

This is not app specific either, I created a brand new app and am encountering the exact same issue.

Is anyone else seeing this problem?

Used bubble for the first time in a few weeks and just noticed this is happening with dropdowns as well. No idea why…

I’ve been testing it, it is not just dropdowns. Every user input is being affected (input, multiline input, checkboxes, etc).

It also is only happening when the input is “below the fold”, if the input is on the top of the page it won’t scroll down, but if you have to scroll the page down to see the input then change the input it will scroll down to the bottom of the page. Very strange and is app breaking for me.

I’m really confused, why wouldn’t you want to see the input you are typing into? That’s standard operation for any web form or Windows application?

Mine has all these and is working as intended.

Perhaps the examples here aren’t explaining the situation?

No the issue is after the input has been typed into (or the drop down box value has been changed), the screen will jump down to the bottom of the page. It makes filling out forms a HUGE headache because every time you input new data you have to scroll back to the part of the page you are on.

You might want to take a video, this isn’t happening on Firefox

Here is a video of it happening:

Yup that’s very clear. Any chance do you have any workflows that modify a field when an input is changed? I’m still fairly new, just a thought. I would update your bug report with this. I can confirm its not doing this on my end

I sent in a bug report as well.

Whats bizarre is it is doing it in every app I have. I even created a brand new app, completely empty except 1 drop down but it is still doing this.

Have tested in Chrome, Edge and Firefox same results.

Flush your cache, clear out all that stuff from your browser? Reboot computer?

Sounds like a crazy Windows thing?

Hey everyone,

This is related to a bug fix that was rolled out this morning that’s having some unexpected consequences. Our team is pushing a fix to the fix now, which should resolve this behavior in just a little bit. If you continue seeing this in about a half-hour, please file a bug report!

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