When user input changed screen jumps to bottom of page

Hey everyone,

This is an issue that has just popped up today (app wasn’t doing this before today and I haven’t changed anything since then).

All of a sudden whenever I change the input on an input box/dropdown box the screen auto jumps to the bottom of the page.

This is not app specific either, I created a brand new app and am encountering the exact same issue.

I’ve been testing it, it is not just dropdowns. Every user input is being affected (input, multiline input, checkboxes, etc).

It also is only happening when the input is “below the fold”, if the input is on the top of the page it won’t scroll down, but if you have to scroll the page down to see the input then change the input it will scroll down to the bottom of the page. Very strange and is app breaking for me.

Is anyone else seeing this problem?

Here is a video of it happening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkenHnhaHVo&feature=youtu.be

Which browsers have you tested?

Have tested in Chrome as well as Microsoft Edge with multiple apps.

Yes indeed, I see it as well. I suggest creating a simple reproducible example - i.e. just a couple of inputs (one above the fold and one below) with a footer on a long-ish page - and submitting a bug report. It otherwise won’t wind up on the Bubble team’s radar.

Here is a video of it happening:

This happened to me too!

I have the same issue!

@eve - any chance there can be an announcement when fixed?

It seems Bubble is aware and working to resolve it.

Hey guys,

Fix should be live shortly (may actually be live already); make sure you clear out your cache, and email us if you’re still seeing the problem!

Unfortunately, we’re still seeing this issue so I sent an email. Tried to debug with mixed results. Mostly dropdown inputs are affected still and particularly inside a reusable element. Clearing cache and trying different browsers did not fix it. Thanks for looking into this!

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Got it, thanks for checking in! Letting our engineering team know now, should have this fixed shortly.

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